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Professional Gadfly by day ...

... Consummate Student by night.

January 18th, 2005

For fun and procrastination ... @ 09:12 pm

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The Top 10 Signs that You've Been Reading Too Many Web Comics

10. You remember when Piro was still only 1/2 of the Megatokyo team
9. You've done the Insane Political Gaming Manga thing -- but now you just prefer to take your lumps.
8. You have a well-developed and passionate view on whether Kestrel should (a) date Angela, (b) remain friends with Angela and/or (c) make out with Angela for your vicarious thrills.
7. Everything you know about Canada you learned from Butternutsquash or a boozing mallard.
6. You never cease to be amazed that the Firewall at work won't let you open the Yahoo! Weather page but will let you read the latest installment of Sexy Losers (... uh, viewer discretion strongly advised.)
5. You've burned Scott Kurtz in effigy and/or own an icon of him.
4. Your 2004 write-in candidate for president was Llewellyn.
3. Your office door is lousy with drawings of God using hand-puppets -- and your boss/senior pastor has given up on censoring you.
2. Your one-stop source of gaming industry gossip isn't Slashdot or Plastic but Penny Arcade.

1. Not only do you know what "I bukkake for justice!" means, but you're familiar with the strip that originated it (... bonus points if you've bought the boxers.)
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Professional Gadfly by day ...

... Consummate Student by night.