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Professional Gadfly by day ...

... Consummate Student by night.

January 15th, 2005

"I'm ok with being unimpressive. I sleep better." @ 05:44 pm

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Currently Consuming:: Iron & Wine -- Such Great Heights

Last night, while LJ was writing in re-birthing pains, I sat with a couple of friends -- Ph.D. students, feminine allies from past seminars -- eating home-made guacamole, drinking Merlot, comparing notes on professors (the good, the bad, and those with unhealthy fixations upon their alma mater) and eventually watching "Garden State."

I confess, I fell hook, line and sinker for the clever slacker-romance -- it has now been added to my cache of "true romance" flicks, featuring "As Good as it Gets" and "Lost in Translation," as well as to "favorite New Jersey-inspired flicks" (... otherwise known as the "God bless Kevin Smith" category.) (Also, the soundtrack? Pure indie-emo-pop gold.)

A note of pure self-promotion, before it disappears into the annals of personal history (... and to remind myself that once, for a brief paper, I was apparently vaguely insightful):

"Dear M ....

The research and writing found in this paper are simply superior. I was very pleased to see the energy that you put into running down primary sources, particularly in the original German. You clearly sifted through these data and then moved to an ordering and analysis of the material that is wholly convincing. Your sense of historical judgment (for example, concerning whether or not Barth is a source of Evangelical thought) shows sure-footedness and scholarly maturity. The prose is crisp and clear throughout, with no hint of infelicitous usage or even vague meaning. In short, I am very pleased with what you have presented here and am happy to give you the highest grade we can award.

All good wishes ..."

... I so didn't earn that.
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Professional Gadfly by day ...

... Consummate Student by night.